Beginning The Rebuild

Posted On: 03/06/2016

It's been a while since I worked on Feathur in any really meaningful way and to be honest I miss it. So as a result I've decided to start working on the project again in small amounts. This blog is a development log for me and might be useful to anyone who wants to keep up on the changes going on with the project.

The first thing I've come to realize is that I built Feathur in entirely the wrong way to start with and to that end I've created and reset the repo from scratch. The old code base is still there and will remain where it is until such time that I feel like the newer edition is better than the old.

That said I'll be keeping the design. I liked how it looked (even if the code wasn't great). If you can't remember what it looks like click here to see some screenshots. The rest of it however needs to go.

One of the big things I intend on changing in this rebuild is the use of SSH in the main code base. It's slow, bad form and detracts from the overall usability. Instead I'll be looking into either a http authed approach or an always-on server daemon which handles the communication between nodes. Ideally I'd also like for the control panel to be able to manage servers from a domain/site aspect as well. Users shouldn't have to pay for a separate piece of software to be able to maintain a blog they've installed on their VM. I'll be releasing design plans and other documents as I go along.

The other "large" change I'll be making is getting rid of the use of paid licenses in the new rebuild. They never made much money; they were easily removed and didn't provide any end user benefit. I'd still like to be able to pay for my time and server space, but I'll likely be setting up a Patreon and Youtube account so that people who want to contribute can, but it'll be "low key" this time around.

So in theory I'll be making additions to the repo from now on (hopefully on a weekly basis) and provide updates here about what was added. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Setting Up The Framework

Posted On: 03/07/2016

Last time I built Feathur I used CPHP and I'd get comments like this: "I'd contribute to Feathur if it was written in Yi/Laravel/Code Igniter/etc...". Those comments frustrated me and made me want to change over to one of those frameworks so that people would help me... but I've realized that in general no matter which framework you use there will be someone who wants to use something else. Frankly it's unlikely those people would have contributed to the project regardless of the framework. So this time around I'm going with a framework I know like the back of my hand. If people decide they don't like it then so be it; they probably wouldn't have helped anyway.

So to kick things off right I'll begin by setting up the framework I intend on using this time around. Namely Ori; a framework I developed.

It covers the essentials (and pretty much nothing else):

  • Logs
  • Routing
  • Autoloading
  • Namespacing
  • Smarty Templates
  • Settings Storage
  • Database Connections
  • Buckets (getter and setter functions)
Git Commit: 89b3cfd744d9500ac2a6dc9f3625bc902d543fdd